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BP Ramblers Badge - Cup Weekend 2010


As part of my BP Ramblers Badge, I am completing a 4WD Trek through the High Country of Victoria and into the Snowy Mountains of NSW. Below is a copy of all of the plans for the activity along with some marked up maps for the trip. As more information comes to hand, this will be listed on this page. The starting location of this trip is Dargo and the midpoint is Jinderbyne

Live Tracking

Because I am a propeller head, I have configured my car PC to submit our location back to my website every 15 minutes or so, plus any "trip comments" along the way. This information is available on the Live Tracking Page

Live Tracking!

Trip Documents

Outline Document:

Trip Plan and Outline Document - Download
This document formed part of the original BP Proposal and explains our main track and course of where we are driving etc. It also covers some key requirements. To re-iterate, we need to meet the following:

Car Listing with Passengers

Car Listing Download
This document outlines which cars we have going and what model they are etc, including passenger lists. If these are wrong, please let me know ASAP. Updated 25/10/2010


Menu Download
This document outlines what food we'll be eating along the way and where we will roughly be holding each meal. The breakfast and dinners are pretty much a definite for the location, but the lunches may move depending on how far we get on the drive. If there is anything on the menu you are allergic to or have a problem with, please let me know ASAP

Communications Plan

Communications Plan Download
This document contains all the information about what communications we have on the trip and how we handle emergency communications etc. Updated 25/10/2010

Medical Response Plan

Medical Response Plan Download
This document outlines the response phases and equipment we will have on hand for any medical issues. It will also be updated with a list of HELIPAD locations along the tracks and the nearest hospitals for each day of the ramble. Updated 25/10/2010

Marked Up Maps

Maps of the Trip, including marked up routes and waypoints. These help the menu make a little more sense. It is a full trip plan for where we are going, where we camp and when we can get fuel.

The way point names have the following convention:

These documents are pretty big (over 10MB), so be patient when downloading them
Map - Western Sheet - Day 1
Map - Eastern Sheet - Day 2-5

Fuel Consumption Plan

This document outlines how much fuel we would be using based on kilometres travelled across the ramble, taking into consideration scheduled fuel stops etc. I have also put an indicative price for fuel over the trip. This is not a bad figure to budget from. I have put in worst case scenario for consumption also.
Fuel Consumption

Equipment Lists

Added 04/10/2010

These documents cover off all the equipment we need. The personal list is simply a guide for your own gear etc. The group one is a master list of items to be shared such as cooking gear, expensive recovery equipment etc. There is also a vehicle packing list which overs mandatory and optional list of equipment that needs to be carried in each car.

Gear Listing - Per Person
Gear Listing - Per Vehicle
Gear Listing - Group Equipment

Remaining Documents

Thanks for all your help and willingness to attend guys!

Change Log
30/09/2010 - Initial version with Trip Outline, Initial Car Listing, Menu, Communications Plan, Medical Response Plan, Marked Up Maps
04/10/2010 - Added Gear Lists, updated Communications Plan, Updated Medical Plan, Updated Car Listing. Added initial version of Fuel Consumption Plan. 25/10/2010 - Full Update of all documents apart from Fuel Consumption Plan. To include changes after our meeting 19th October 2010.